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2021 Meeting Archive

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Look back at the topics and events that were planned for 2021 before COVID 19 forced postponement …

The meeting dates for the coming months are as follows ….

Meeting Dates

9th September 2020

Date Speaker Topic, Talk or Event
22nd September 2021

Mell Wall

John Martin

The Kray Twins

The Suez Canal and the ‘Ever Given’ Saga

29th September 2021 Mike Gibson RiverTyne in Postcards – from the source to Waters Meet


6th October 2021 Lord (Donald) Curry of Kirkharle The Rural Challenge in the North East
13th October 2021 Dr. Keith Mitchell Eye Spy Glaucoma
20th October 2021 Dave Waters Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team
27th October 2021 Tony Walker Battles of Coromel and Falkland Islands 1917
A Philatelic perspective


3rd November 2021 Old English ‘Pressed’ – Naval Impressment in the North East
Supported by songs of the time
10th November 2021 Ian McArdle Remembering the Fallen.
Events of 1920 including the tomb of the unknown
17th November 2021 Mel Wall The Boer War
24th November 2021 Geraldine Straker
(Beamish Museum)
Warden’s Joe the Quilter and his cottage


1st December 2021 Neville Harris Peter Sellers: Family, Film and Fortunes
8th December 2021 David Belcher A Magical Morning 
10th  December 2021 Café Enna
Tyne Green Golf Club
CHRISTMAS LUNCH (with guests)
 16th December 2021 The Hex Pistols CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENT (with guests)