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2019 Meeting Archive

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Look back at the topics and events that took place in 2019 …

The meeting dates and topics for 2019 were as follows ….

Meeting Dates

Date Speaker Topic, Talk or Event


9th January 2019 John & Anne Rooke Men’s Sheds
16th January 2019 John Moreels Nostalgic Views of the North
23rd January 2019 Andrew Clark Pubs, Brewers & Beers
30th January 2019 Tom Kirkwood Getting to Grips with Ageing


6th February 2019 Simon Frith Writing the History of Popular Music
13th February 2019 Peter Brabban Lifetime as a Photographer
20th February 2019 Annual General Meeting  
27th February 2019 John Charlton A Family History


6th March 2019 Mike Fraser Sir Charles Trevelyan of Wallington
13th March 2019 Mike Worthington 60 Years on Probation
20th March 2019 Andrew Clark Old Glimpses of Newcastle
27th March 2019 Members Members to give short talks


3rd April 2019 John Martin China – How it Works
10th April 2019 Rob Cunningham 1879 Zulu War – Part 1 inc. IsandIwana


1st May 2019 Rob Cunningham 1879 Zulu War – Part 2 inc. Rorke’s Drift
8th May 2019 Gill Donnelly Forensics – Science & Practice
15th May 2019 Leah Hamilton Planning for the Next #Generation
22nd May 2019 Graham Blackler All at Sea
29th May 2019 Mel Wall Korean War


5th June 2019   Club Outing
12th June 2019 Mike Fraser Sir William Beveridge, architect of the Welfare State
19th June 2019 Geoff Fimister Social Security – Since Beveridge – How we got to where we are
26th June 2019 Prof John Derry James 11 – The man who lost three kingdoms


4th September 2019 Harry Pearson In the box – Life as a Sports Writer
11th September 2019 Moira Kilkenny Outstanding woman of the North East
18th September 2019 Geoff Carter The Construction of Hadrian’s Wall – “a mystery solved”
25th September 2019 Ian Wylie Reporting in a changing world


2nd October 2019 Clive Bowery A mystery of the Great War resolved
9th October 2019 Lord Curry of Kirkharle Food and Agriculture in a period of rapid change
16th October 2019 Neville Harris Tony Hancock
25th October 2019 Betel Hexham Betel UK – Restoring Broken Lives
30th October 2019 Contributions Members Day – 10 Minute Talks


6th November 2019 Mel Wall The Gallipoli Campaign
13th November 2019 Ian McArdle Edith Cavell – First World War Heroine
20th November 2019 Sarah Cowling Living longer, Healthier and happier lives.
27th November 2019 Peter Howorth Shell-shocked


4th December 2019 Dr. Keith Mitchell Donald Campbell’s Bluebird and the final record attempt
6th December 2019   Christmas Lunch    (Tyne Green Golf Club)
11th  December 2019 Neville Harris Humour at Large
18th  December 2019 Hexham Male Voice Choir Christmas Entertainment